Beckley & Associates PLLC: Your Trusted Advisor

Our approach in a nutshell is: 

Advisory first to bring clients up to the Beckley Standard, followed by essential maintenance and ongoing advisory services.

We are first and foremost a tax and accounting advisory firm that serves proactive entrepreneurs, business executives and high-net-worth individuals.  


advisory first

We believe the key to helping our clients succeed is by identifying critical issues and key objectives.

We do this by following our most important operating principles:

Providing  leading-edge tax and accounting advisory services Partnering  with clients to help them reach their goals Strategic planning in all of our tax and accounting work Developing and cultivating long-lasting, mutually beneficial relationships

Essential Maintenance

Once we understand your overall strategy, we perform essential maintenance to help you achieve your goals. Our maintenance package is clearly defined and customized to allow you to focus on what matters most.

Who Do We Serve?

We serve proactive clients who appreciate the importance of a trusted advisor:

Business owners
Corporate executives
High-net-worth individuals