estate planning

You have worked hard to save and protect your family and your own retirement, but have you taken the necessary steps to make sure your legacy is protected?

An estate plan plays an essential role in preserving wealth for the future. As experienced tax planners, we assist in reviewing and recommending estate planning options for executives and business owners to preserve their wealth. We review your estate plans to help minimize taxes to your beneficiaries, and to encourage the efficient and timely transfer of funds. We’ll work with your attorney on their drafting of the documents so that your estate plan is tailored to your desires, time frame and financial situation to ensure that it is a proper reflection of your goals.

Common Questions:

Are my assets subject to burdensome estate taxes?

Is my spouse going to have any unexpected tax outcomes upon my death?

Will my beneficiaries be prepared to receive my estate?

Will my legacy be honored?

Should I consider a living trust?

Do I have a plan for transferring my business through my estate?

How do I leave my assets for charitable purposes?

Do I have an effective gifting strategy during my lifetime?


    Some of the estate planning services we perform:


    • Estate tax planning
    • Estate management advisory
    • Trust accounting
    • Estate/trust tax preparation

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